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Gorman Convention Group - Testimonials

Consumer Technology Association

"You all are true professionals who continue to raise the bar on getting terrific broadcast coverage at CES. I know the hours aren't glamorous and the work can be tough, but all of it is essential to the success of CES and we are all so lucky and glad to have you coordinating the broadcast coverage for us.

I highly recommend Wendy Gorman to other organizations looking to work with a top-notch professional who goes the extra mile to do a fabulous job."

"Wendy is the perfect floor manager!  Supportive of both show management and the service contractor - she really knows her stuff!  She is diplomatic, while maintaining a sense of humor.  Exhibitors love her smiling face, yet they know that when she recites the show rules, they need to comply!  Her suggestions are invaluable when it comes to cost saving measures.  There is never a last minute scramble prior to show opening because she is organized and thorough."
NBC Universal

"You Guys are something else.  You made this year almost a pleasure.  It would have been great if I only had to deal with you two in order to do my job... Right now I don't know what's down the line but I'll always remember out of all the 3 or 4 thousand shows I've done in the past, that these past two years are among my Favs and how great it was meeting you both."

Phil Parlante
Technical Director
NBC Universal
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American College of Cardiology

“Even during move out I am reminded how you are the best floor manager/show partner ever!“

Kent Riffert Director, Logistics - Expo
American College of Cardiology
Fine Design Associates

“After years and years of working with Wendy in her capacity of Broadcast Manager for ICES, and in other various show management positions, it never fails to amaze just how much energy, thoughtfulness and professionalism she brings to her work. A wonderful, delightful person and a great manager who can handle anything, Wendy is always a joy to see and work with.”

Paul Fine
Principal Designer/President
Heroic Productions of Eden Prairie

“During the 10+ years that I have known Wendy, I have had the unique experience to work with her in 3 different capacities: as a client to whom she provided convention management services to facilitate live broadcasts of a national cable network; as a member of Wendy’s team of convention and technical staff that provided broadcast services to one of the world’s largest trade shows; and as a business partner. From a client’s perspective, Wendy is attentive, professional and has the unique skill of making you feel that you are the only client that she has. As a manager, she provides clear leadership and maintains a positive work environment in extremely stressful work conditions. As a business partner, she can be counted on to maintain momentum and always bring a fresh perspective to any challenge.”

Gene Howe
Vice President, Production Services
CBS News

"Wendy is a professional… but like a dear friend to all of us at CBS News… we look forward to many more Wendy Gorman productions in the future… you should be very proud to have Wendy Gorman on your team… we wish we had her on ours at CBS News.”

CBS News
Smart City Networks

“I have known Wendy Gorman for many years. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication are unrivaled in today's work place.”

Keith McNeely
Senior Director of Technology
Smart City Networks